Putter Fitting Tool

Small image of Putter Fitting Tool

The Battle Ready Putter Fitting Tool was a new way to fit customers into the putter they liked with the specifications that fit them. It was designed to be the new way to fit customers going forward. By asking key questions it could help the customer order a custom fit putter. I worked on the tool from the white board stage all the way to launch. Along the way I did the user testing and iterated the design based on the feedback that way received. It hopefully will be a guide as to how to fit users order custom fit clubs online.

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Healthcare Web Application

Small image of Health Care Web App

The Healthcare Web Application that I worked on was the companies flagship product. It was an online tool that hospitals would use in order to plan expnasions. I worked on the updated and modernized verision of the web application. It was a large shift for the existing user base, but ultimately improved their workflows for the planning process.

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Digital Air Strike Mission Control

Digital Air Strike Mission Control is an online dashboard that is used by clients to see the current state of their online reputation. It displays statistics and data visualizations of reviews, surveys, and social media sites. Mission Control is responsive, and meant to work well on any device. I was a part of the team that launched the first version.

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Digital Air Strike Apple Watch App

The Digital Air Strike Apple Watch App was designed to be a companion app to the iOS app. The app was designed to provide clients with summaries of how they were doing in regards to their online reputation. It was mostly focused around giving notifications, but did contain other summary reports.

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Working Memory Journal Article

Working Memory Capacity and Learning Underlying Conceptual Relationships Across Multiple Documents was a journal article that was based upon research I did while enrolled at Arizona State University. The article was about how working memory impacted a person's ability to remember a websites structure. It concluded that working memory does indeed have an impact on how well people can remember a website's structure.

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