The app was built by a 3 person team, myself doing the design, a programmer, and a graphic artist. The graphic artist and I conceived of all the functionality, which I then wireframed. It was a very collaborative effort. Designing for a new product with such small screen size was an interesting UX challenge.


The App running on the Apple Watch
Recent Survey Feed
Wireframes for the Review Reporting Screen
Survey Overview Screen

In-depth Information

The Digital Air Strike Apple Watch app was built to be a companion to the current iOS app. The project was completed in 2 months from brainstorming to delivery, which is quite a fast turn around. The close collaboration of the team made this possible. The watch app currently aides our clients in seeing each review or survey they receive about their business. We focused on alerting the user and keeping the interaction as short as possible. We also added hooks into the watch that guided them to using the full app if they wanted more information about anything the watch was displaying so as to not clutter the watch app. The watch app was one of the first reputation management watch apps built for businesses. It was very interesting to be working on such a new piece of technology.