Project Information

The Battle Ready Putter Fitting Tool is an online tool that helps guide customers to getting a custom fit PXG Battle Ready Putter. The project was given a timeline of 3 months, from concepting to live online.


The Putter Fitting Team was initially given the task of figure out a way to sell more of the new line of putter online. Since one of PXG's core brand aspects was custom fit clubs, the team knew that we had to make the online experience feel like an in-person putter fitting. Since part of putter fitting is liking the aesthetic look of your putter, we knew that showcasing the putters was an important part of the page.


I was the UX lead on this project team which consisted of a team of 5 that was assigned a way to figure out how to best fit customers online with one of our new putters. I worked closely with the others members of the team to iterate and test the versions as we worked on the tool. I would redesign the tool each time we tested it and used that user research data to see how best we could change the tool to best suit both the customer and business needs. At each step I was the voice of the user, ensuring that the tool would be a good experience for a customer getting a putter online.


The first step of the project was talking to customers as they were being fit in-person for a putter. I gathered from that user research all the important parts of the putter fitting experience. This gave us a list of the things that we had to replicate within the putter fitting tool. One of the key findings of that initial user research was that putter aesthetics matter a great deal to a golfer. That meant the tool that was built had to very visual and highlight the way the different putters heads looked. Every time wireframes were created they were tested by customers who were going through an in-person fitting. This way we could validate that the design is continuing in the correct direction.

After the initial research was conducted, I started working on the initial wireframes. These focused on highlight all the different parts of a putter. Every part of the putter was displayed and the customer could pick which part they want based on their appearance.

After testing the designs it was found out that we needed to do more to explain the steps of the putter fitting, and only relay on visual aspects for the head and hosel of the putter. We added videos to every section not just to highlight the putter in a more visual fashion, but really help explain each step of the process to the customer. We wanted them to feel at each step, that they knew what was happening and how the process was going.

More user research and testing the wireframes was done with customers, and that allowed us to arrive at the final designs of the tool. We really focused heavily on the video, because that was the best way to convey how to measure each aspect we were asking the customer about. We wanted them not to be confused at any step of the putter fitting process. At the end we recommend their custom fit putter, and although the customer can alter it, they are fit into the putter that we felt would work best for them.

At the end we came up with a great tool that really does a great job showcasing the various putters and configured a putter to fit the customer. The new tool preformed quite well and currently accounts for 10% of all putter sales. It also increased the conversion of putter purchases online. The customers we have tested the final page with said it really did make them feel much better purchasing a putter online.

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